Kingdom Mindset

There is one topic that runs through the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation that is of the greatest importance to the Creator of all things. The topic - His Kingdom. Each writer of the Bible has as their center piece of revelation – the King, His Kingdom and the people of His Kingdom.

If there is one thing that Satan wants to keep from us, it is our having a Kingdom mindset or thinking about the kingdom and what it means to us as believers.

The message of the Kingdom begins in Genesis with God giving dominion of His Kingdom to man and ends in the Book of Revelation with the one who stole His Kingdom, by deceit, being banished to Hell for eternity.

When Jesus was born in a manager, the wise men came to worship the King and when His life ends, He is on a cross with a sign over His head saying, King of the Jews.

When Jesus started His ministry He said, “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”. When he ended His ministry, just before He ascended into heaven, He taught them things about the Kingdom.

When he taught His disciples to pray he said, “…Thy kingdom come thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. When He sent His disciples out to do the work of the ministry, He said, “heal the sick, cast out devils and when you go, preach the Kingdom of God.”

Jesus said to Nicodemus, "Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." He told then, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you”.

Jesus told two additional important things. 1) “The Kingdom of God is within you” 2) “and “this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”

A Kingdom Mindset: When we contemplate the concept of a king, the thing that must come to us is, ‘as the king is, so are the people’. This is so because the king typifies the kingdom itself.

The King

  • The kingdom revolves around the king’s will, his desires, his purposes and his vision. Everyone and everything is 2nd to him.
  • He is king by birthright.
  • He owns everything in his kingdom.
  • He may let others, if he chooses, rule parts of his kingdom in exchange for their loyalty and compensation.
  • He is LORD, meaning he has absolute control and authority over everything in his territory or domain.
  • The wealth of his kingdom is calculated by the extent of his territory and the resources it contains (gold, silver, oil, diamonds, lumber) as well as the means of commerce (oceans, rivers, highways). It includes also the work ethic of the people.
  • The communications of the king are final; what he says goes.
  • The wisdom of the king is found in his advisors.
  • Since, he has absolute control, his actions or response to people and situations do not demand a time line. He is sovereign; therefore, he determines when and where he acts.
  • His influence is felt over the whole expanse of his kingdom because it is HIS kingdom.
  • His government is the means by which he operates and rules his kingdom. It is the vehicle, which he uses to make his will known.

The Territory

  • Boundaries - Every kingdom has physical boundaries. It is within these boundaries that a king has domain or rule. A king has no authority outside his territorial boundaries. Each nation or kingdom has boundaries for their dwellings and this is their domain and this land only. It is only by conquest can one kingdom gain more territory and therefore increases its wealth and glory.
  • Culture - The Culture of a kingdom is a shared, learned, representative system of values, beliefs and attitudes that shapes and influences perception and behavior. We can understand a kingdom’s culture by studying the behavior, customs, language, symbols and the religion of the citizens. Culture is passed down from one generation to another; it is learned, shared by all or at least the majority, and is reinforced by social interaction. The aspects of a culture are habitual, taken for granted; one does not have to think about how one is to act.
  • Ethics and Values – Ethics and Values are determined by the one to whom we give our allegiance – the king. Ethics are our standard of conduct that is revealed by our behavior. They come from our sense of what is right and wrong, a sense of justice. Our Values are concepts that describe what is important to us individually and as a people. They cover the whole range of thinking including morals, political, social and artistic views.
  • Community – Community ties people of the same culture together. The involvement of each member is what makes a community work as a dynamic force. It is the goal of every family and church. It is people working together for the well-being of every other member. Life in a Kingdom Community revolves around the king.
  • Commerce – A king is concerned about the well-being of the citizens in his kingdom. Therefore, there must be a means for the citizens to find fulfillment in their work and receive compensation according to their contribution. A system of taxation is instituted whereby the citizens can participate in those things that benefit their well being, health, prosperity and safety in the kingdom. The resources needed for commerce must be made available or a means in place, to receive them from other kingdoms.

The Citizens

  • Citizenship – There is no kingdom without citizens. Citizenship in a particular kingdom is not without its privileges and responsibilities. There is a covenant made between the king and the citizenry whereby one pledges allegiance and the other pledges support and protection.
  • Citizenship also carries with it certain responsibilities such as working toward the betterment of their community through economic participation, public service, volunteer work, and other such efforts to improve life for all citizens. It also carries the responsibility to defend your new country from invasion and threats from others nations or kingdoms.
  • If you come legally to live in a foreign country, you are granted certain rights, even though they may be limited. For most people, their goal is to gain the rights of citizenship. Some of the rights of citizenship include, at least here in the USA, the right to vote, access to certain jobs and benefits, the option to hold public office, and greater protection from the government.

Making the connection - On every page of Scripture, you will see what God has been trying to have his people know about His kingdom. He has used Prophets and His Preachers throughout history to bring this knowledge to us, but it is by revelation of the Holy Spirit that brings Faith to our hearts.
The hour (generation) in which we are now living is the time that God has chosen for the revealing of His Grand Plan for all His creation. What a privilege for us to see God unfolding the display of His power and the majesty of His Kingdom.

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